Meet the keynotes: Dr. Jane Davis

In this series of interviews, we will present the keynote speakers at the IGEL Conference 2018.

Portrait: Jane Davis

Dr. Jane Davis

Dr. Jane Davis is Director of The Reader.

What brought you to empirical research on literary reading in the first place, and to studying the associations between literary reading and mental health? 

I’m not a researcher, rather I’m involved in developing the practice of Shared Reading, which is a kind of literary reading where people read aloud, in real time, and share their real-time thoughts and responses. It’s live reading!

I began to be interested in the relation between Shared Reading and mental health when members of the very earliest groups began to tell me that (although I saw it as an educational programme) the reading group was having an effect on their physical and mental health.

More than a decade later, The Reader is commissioned to develop Shared Reading in many mental health settings both in hospitals and in community settings.

Which topics will you address at the IGEL Conference 2018?

I’ll be talking about the development of Shared Reading practice in the UK and  beyond, and asking questions about what people think is happening when we read in this way.


What, in your perspective, is the main importance of IGEL?

Bringing researchers and other interested parties such as myself together from across arrange of disciplines, which helps create further and unexpected collaboration –excellent!

What are your expectations for the IGEL Conference 2018?

I’m looking forward to presenting the work of The Reader and to hearing about what other people are doing and thinking. I’m hoping to meet some old colleagues, and to meet new potential  colleagues and collaborators. I hope to find people who will want to help me spread the theory and practice of Shared Reading.