For presenters

Practical information for presenters


  • All presentation rooms are on the second floor, and are equipped with a PC, data projector and sound system. You may use your own device (laptop, tablet, etc.), but please bring also a proper adapter, in order to make sure the device can be connected to the data projector.
  • Please make sure that your presentation is ready to be presented at the allotted time in the program. All presenters should arrive at their designated room in a break before the session is due to begin. Please introduce yourself to the session chair and make sure your presentation works as it should.
  • The duration of each oral presentation in a session is 20 minutes + 5-7 minutes for discussion right after each presentation. The chairpersons will take care that the schedule is followed and that every presenter will be allotted the same presentation time.
  • The overall schedule will be maintained in the event of a cancellation. In such an event, other presenters are not permitted to extend their presentation or to begin the next presentation earlier than scheduled.
  • The conference language is English.


  • The poster session will be at the ground floor (in the canteen).
  • There will be 180×100 cm walls/fiberboard for the posters, and we recommend that the posters are in A0-format (portrait orientation).
  • Posters are read at a viewing distance of more than one metre. You will need to make sure that your poster is legible and easy to scan at this distance so that your information is understood quickly.
  • Posters must be put up on the morning of the scheduled presentation day
  • Pushpins will be provided to mount your poster materials. Do not write or draw on the fiberboard.
  • Poster presenters are asked to stand by their poster and be prepared to answer questions from attendees in a one-on-one format. There will not be a formal presentation.
  • During the assigned poster session time, you MUST attend your poster for the entire time.
  • It is a good idea to bring some hand-outs capturing the main points of your poster, including your contact information, in case people would like to get in touch afterwards.